Molecular hallmarks of heterochronic parabiosis at single-cell resolution

  • R.P., A.Ok., N.S. and W.T. contributed equally. N.S., S.R.Q. and T.W.-C. conceptualized the examine. R.P., A.Ok., N.S., T.F. and T.W.-C. conceptualized the evaluation. R.P., A.Ok., T.F. and F.Ok. performed the evaluation. N.S., L.B. and J.L. carried out parabiosis surgical procedures. N.S. and Ok.C. collected and processed bulk organ samples for RNA-seq. The Tabula Muris Consortium processed organs and captured cells for scRNA-seq. W.T. and M.B. performed cDNA and library preparation. R.P. created the net browser. W.T. and M.B. carried out sequencing and library high quality management. W.T., M.B., A.O.P., J.W. and A.M. processed uncooked sequencing information. R.P., A.Ok., N.S., S.R.Q. and T.W.-C. wrote and edited the manuscript. T.W.-C., S.R.Q., S.D., N.F.N., J.Ok. and A.O.P supervised the work.

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